A Message From Our Presiding Bishop

                We, as members of Catholic Apostolic Church International, are inheritors
                of the legacy of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and its heritage.
                As Catholics we have come to embrace not only the original groups of the
                early Christian Churches, but all people who wish to worship according
                to the Catholic tradition.

                We look forward to the future in the third millennium of Christianity with hope
                and optimism for our Church.  May we always remember to be faithful stewards
                of the loving Jesusí legacy of faith and trust in the Father!

                We would like to share our faith in Jesus Christ with you.
                We warmly invite you to visit one of our parishes or priests.

It is not correct to refer to the entire Catholic Church as the "Roman Catholic Church."  In popular usage the term "Roman Catholic" only refers to the Church of Rome.

Those Churches who are not under the authority of Rome are still Catholic Churches but they are not in communion with the Bishop of Rome.  Because we both partake of the Eucharist, the true Body and Blood of Christ, consecrated by validly ordained priests in apostolic succession, the Holy Father states: "they are linked with us in closest intimacy," (UNITATIS REDINTEGRATIO no. 15, Pope John Paul II).

We ARE truly and validly Catholic and an Independent Jurisdiction. We follow the Western (Latin) Rite (Roman Liturgy) within our Jurisdiction.

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Chancery Office
925 Felix Palm Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV  89032
Archbishop Joseph J Gouthro

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